The Songs:

1 The Zookeeper’s Song
2 Geoffrey The Giraffe
3 We Are The Tigers
4 Yvette The Vet
5 Playtime For The Penguins
6 The Peacock Strut
7 Cecil The Saddest of Snakes
8 Percy Pink The Parrot
9 The Crocodile Synchronised Swimming Team
10 The Lion Dentist
11 The Elephants Are Feeling Sick
12 Sarah The Seal
13 Zoe The Zebra
14 The Zookeeper’s Birthday Party
15 The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo

All songs by Mick Cooke except 6. M. Cooke/G. Cooke and 15. Cooke/Colburn/Geddes/Jackson/Kildea/Martin/Murdoch
All songs published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing except 6. Sony/ATV Music Publishing/Copyright Control

The People:

A host of people were involved in Down At The Zoo, and Mick is very grateful to every one of them:

Richard Colburn: Drums and Narration. Lead Vocal on 1. Vocals on 14, 15.
Mark Wilde: Lead Vocal and screeching on 6.
Helen Lloyd: Lead Vocal on 4,12, Backing vocals on 2, 5, 14
Gordon Davidson: Backing Vocals on 3, 9, 10
Chris Leonard: Backing Vocals on 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, Banjo on 4
Bob Kildea: Bass Guitar on 12,13, Electric Guitar on 2
Stuart Murdoch: Backing Vocals on 15
Stevie Jackson: Backing Vocals on 15
Chris Geddes: Keyboards on 15
Andrea Kuypers: Flute on 10, 12, Piccolo on 14.
James Swinburne: Tenor Sax on 12, Clarinet on 8, 11, 14
Jack Murray: Trombone on 5, 14
Tommy Hulcup: Cornet on 5, 14
Stan Reilly: Clarinet on 5, 14
Dave Wilson: Banjo on 5,14
Lex Allen: Sousaphone on 5
Gail Graves: Samba Drums and Whistle on 3
Mick Cooke: Lead Vocal on 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15. Vocals on 3, 4, 9. All other instruments.

Produced by Mick Cooke. Recorded at Argyle Studios and Cava Sound Workshops, Glasgow. Engineered by Mick at Argyle and Dave Paterson at Cava. Mixed by Dave Paterson. Mastered by Frank Arkwright.

Illustration by Yasmeen Ismail.


Thanks also to Gill and Ralph Cooke, Belle and Sebastian, Neil Robertson, Katrina House, John Williamson, Fiona Morrison, Rough Trade, Sweetworld, Dandy, Sean Carson, Irene Hunter-Paterson, Carol Taylor, the Davidsons, the Gabriels, the Wilkinsons, Jen and Seb Carrick, the Hammonds and the Lees.

Dedicated: To Ralph