What do penguins do at playtime? What are tigers' favourite food? And just what did happen to the Lion Dentist? Find out Down at the Zoo, where things are not quite as they seem.

Meet the Crocodile Synchronised Swimming Team, and copy the shapes they make in the water. Count the animals with the Zookeeper, and repeat the actions of the Monkeys as they break out of the zoo.

Down At The Zoo is an album by Mick Cooke of Belle and Sebastian. A few years ago, Mick conceived and curated Colours Are Brighter, a compilation of children’s songs by the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand and Snow Patrol. The album was released on Rough Trade, with proceeds going to Save the Children. The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo was written by Mick for Colours Are Brighter, and recorded with the help of his Belle and Sebastian bandmates.

Inspired by the reaction to “The Monkeys…”, Mick went about writing an album of songs based at the zoo. Again he enrolled the help of his bandmates, and also a trad jazz band, a samba drummer and an operatic tenor. Richard Colburn, drummer of Belle and Sebastian, provided narration, in character as the Zookeeper.