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Tektronix Software Bundle BSX320

The Tektronix Software Bundle BSX320 (32 Gb/s BERT) offers FREE J-MAP Software with Rental!

Program Details

  • BSX320 J-MAP $18,900
  • Single solution for receiver stress, debug and compliance
  • Test Gen3/Gen4 standards - PCle, SAS/SATA, USB3.1 DP + property standards
  • Handshaking and link training for devices running up to 32 Gb/s

Tektronix Software Bundle DPS7704SX

Tektronix Software Bundle DPS77004SX (70GHz Oscilloscope) FREE PAM-4 Software with Rental!

Program Details

  • DPOFL-PAM-4 $13,500
  • DPOFL-PAM-4-O $18,900
  • Superior signal fidelity and excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Stable and precise multi-channel timing for most accurate analysis
  • Compact instrument package with flexibility for future expansion and simple reconfiguration

TekLease Lease-to-Own Program

  • 0% financing
  • 12,18, or 24 Month Terms
  • Final lease payment FREE
  • 100% equity accrual
  • Tektronix/Keithley manufacturer’s warranty is applicable
  • Instruments featuring the latest technology

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