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Keysight Technologies 34411A

6-1/2 Digit Enhanced-Performance DMM

Perform advanced measurements with the help of the Keysight (formerly Agilent) 34411A Digital Multimeter (DMM). The Keysight 34411A DMM offers temperature and capacitance capabilities, in addition to measurements such as DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, 2-wire and 4-wire resistance, frequency, period, continuity, and diode test.

You can also accurately measure resistances in the presence of voltages with the help of Offset Compensated Ohms. The 34411A also comes with expanded measurement ranges. For instance, AC and DC current now have a resolution of 100 pA because the current range now goes to 100 uA.

Keysight (Formerly Agilent) 34411A - Features and Specifications:

  • 10,000 readings/s at 5 1/2-digits direct to PC
  • 1,000 readings/s at 6 1/2-digits direct to PC
  • 50,000 readings/s at 4 1/2-digits direct to PC
  • 30 PPM 1 year basic DC accuracy
  • 1000 V voltage range
  • 1 million volatile reading memory
  • Analog level triggering
  • Programmable pre/post triggering

The Keysight 34411A digital multimeter is available for rent, lease, or sale at TRS-RenTelco. Request a quote today and receive 24/7 expert assistance.

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