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Take advantage of these exclusive Partner Programs to help you through today’s economic challenges.

Anritsu SmartPay™

Anritsu SmartPay allows you to protect your cash flow, minimize acquisition risk and, in some cases, treat your payments as an operating expense.

Program Details

  • 0% Interest
  • 12, 18 or 24 month terms
  • Mid-point cancellation option
  • Full standard product warranty

All Categories

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Antenna / Base Station Test Sets
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Bit Error Rate Test Sets (BER, BERT, BERTS)
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Ethernet Test Sets
Network Analyzers > 10GHz
Network/Impedance Analyzer Accessories
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Optical Spectrum Analyzers
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Power Meters & Power Sensors
Signal Generators > 6GHz
Spectrum Analyzer Accessories
Spectrum Analyzers > 13GHz
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Spectrum Analyzers 1GHz - 3GHz
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Spectrum Analyzers 3GHz - 13GHz
Wireless Appliance (Handset) Test