The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival is one of New Orleans’ favorite springtime events.

And with such a creative celebration in an inspiring and storied city like NOLA, any visit to this festival is a literature lover’s dream come true!

Ready to plot out your fun-filled New Orleans adventure? Here’s our must-read guide to an outstanding literary getaway!

Tennessee Williams Literary Festival in New Orleans

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Experience the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival

Founded in 1986, the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival has grown to become a five-day literary and multi-cultural event.

Every year in late March, New Orleans celebrates Tennessee Williams’ birthday with a celebration that showcases the brightest new talents in American arts.

Events include writing workshops and master classes by acclaimed writers, enlightening and entertaining literary panel discussions, a book fair, and scholars conference. It’s a book lover’s dream!

The festivities also pay tribute to the playwright’s legacy with performances from the city’s prolific theater companies, including the Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans, the Southern Rep Theatre, and more.

As a Literary Landmark and one of Williams’ favorite spots in the city, it’s only fitting that the Hotel Monteleone joins in on the celebrations. Our luxury French Quarter hotel proudly plays host to this beloved annual festival and many of the week’s special events.

Visit the festival’s events page for more information on this year’s schedule!

New Orleans Carousel Bar inside Hotel Monteleone a World Renowned Bar and NOLA Destination

Take a Spin Through History at the Carousel Bar & Lounge

Of all the thriving bars that make New Orleans’ nightlife so magical, the Carousel Bar is a storyteller’s dream.

The spinning, circus-clad bar isn’t just a favorite of the young-at-heart. It’s also where dozens of the greatest literary minds found their creative spark.

It was a regular stop for Tennessee Williams during his time living in New Orleans, as well as dozens of famous authors.

Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote

Tennessee Williams, center, and Truman Capote, second from left, both frequented the Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone.

Authors like Ernest Hemingway, Eudora Welty, and William Faulkner wove the Carousel into their stories. Author Richard Ford was a regular guest, as was Truman Capote.

The Carousel Bar has been a wellspring of inspiration for seven decades, and it’s still spinning after all these years. A visit to this iconic spot inside Hotel Monteleone is a must for any literature buff!

Explore the French Quarter and Write Your Own New Orleans Story

New Orleans’ literary history runs deep. It’s an enchanting city that has enticed countless artists and authors for over 300 years.

And in the city’s oldest neighborhood, the historic French Quarter, there are characters and stories around every corner.

Any tour of New Orleans’ literary highlights starts at the Hotel Monteleone. That’s why we made our Book Lover’s Guide to New Orleans – so you can experience the city’s most inspiring sites that are just beyond our doorstep.

Like the French Quarter residence of William Faulkner, one of the most well-known voices in Southern literature, which is still preserved for visitors to enjoy.

And the bronze statue of Ignatius J. Reilly, the comic hero of the classic novel A Confederacy of Dunces, which stands proudly on Canal Street.

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Even Tennessee Williams’ French Quarter home is a beloved sightseeing stop. The building is preserved as a historic landmark, with a plaque featuring Williams’ famous New Orleans quote:

“I hope to die in my sleep…in this beautiful big brass bed in my New Orleans apartment, the bed that is associated with so much love.”

Your Literary Getaway Starts at Hotel Monteleone

Join the fun at the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival and experience the unique charm of New Orleans, the muse of literature’s greatest talents. Book your literary getaway at Hotel Monteleone today!


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